Tour Guide & Travel Agency Operations

Entry Requirement: H.S.C or equivalent
Terminal Objectives: At the end or the course the student will have the necessary skills & knowledge to build a career in Travel and Tourism.
Enabling Objectives: The student will be able to

  • Learn about transportation and accommodation.
  • Have an idea about ancillary services and attractions.
  • Know about different areas and features of Bangladesh and locations of IATA Conference areas.
  • Learn International Travel Geography.
  • Learn about costing and pricing of different types of tour.
  • Acquire knowledge about guiding.
  • Become familiar with the activities of travel agencies.
  • Know how to use travel manuals
  • Acquire knowledge about ticketing, fare calculations and reservation systems.
  • Communicate in English.
  • Develop interactive skills.
  • Acquire knowledge about preparation, operations and management.

On completion of this course, the student can expect to get job us travel agency or work as a tour guide.