Mission of NHTTI

It is evident that National Hotel & Tourism Training Institute (NHTTI), since its inception has aimed at supporting and developing the hotel industry and other tourism related sectors by producing trained manpower ever needed to elevate the existing standard.

The institute, undoubtedly, has stood as a pivot for the development of hotel & tourism industry. It has not only played a significant role in fulfilling the increasing demand of the trained manpower, but also in assisting the industry by providing the consultancy services as well.

The main objective of the institute is to fulfil the need of the trained manpower required for the development and promotion of Hotel & Tourism related sector. Besides, the institute has set the following immediate objectives:

  • To produce trained personnel required for the hotel, travel agency and other related sector
  • To upgrade the slandered of the already employed personnel by providing them with the opportunities of in-service training.
  • To develop efficiency of the employees working in different areas by conducting on-the-job training, refresher course, and on the spot mobile training.
  • To design and implement special modular course particularly for untrained but employed personnel working in various hotel & tourism sectors.
  • To provide the technical knowledge and skill needed by well-qualified young persons to start on the management ladder.